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A Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing. We are trained in ancient Usui method. I am trained in ancient Usui method ($75/hour).

Energy Balance

Variety of methods rooted in ancient Native American practices and shamanism, sound healing, and more ($120/hour)

Chakra Alignment

Chakras are our energy centers. Understand how your body functions on an energetic level. Get misaligned chakras back to functioning properly. 30 mins ($30).

Detox Your Life/Home

Consultation and/or classes on ridding your home of toxic chemicals: making your own cleaning supplies with essential oils, herbal floor washes, and Norwex (Disclaimer: I work with herbs, Doterra, and Norwex, the consultation is customized for you on where to start) $50 consultation plus any supplies to get started

Home clearings

energetic in- home clearings ($100)


 Vision boarding or Energetic hygiene (varies). Check FB for monthly classes at the studio!


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