My Journey

I’m Sarah Cosgrove Manor. I’m a human, a Mama, a wife, a partner, a business owner, a seeker, a Yogi, and Sister. See, I believe (and have experienced) when we look at our own experiences, traumas, and ancestral patterns and we become “awake” to them, our own healing begins.

For me, it started in Denver, CO over 9 years ago with the auto-immune diagnosis. Healing my physical body was the first step for me. In taking a food as medicine approach I was able to heal, listen, and become in tune with my body’s communications and open up for the next layers to come. Almost how ancient elders “prepare” their bodies for sacred space and ceremony, that piece was preparing me for the next phases. 

My acupuncturist and traditional TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) practitioner (teacher, mentor, friend: Shanwen Gao) planted the seed of food as healing and not only unblocked my “qi” (energy life force we all have) but ignited the desire to seek ancient healing modalities. We worked together for a number of years and pregnancies. Working with her and continuing my spiritual path kept me seeking for more. I was seeking for more connection with God, the Universe, Mother Earth, you name it. I needed more wakefulness in life, more healing my soul wounds that weren’t mine to carry.

Enter the Shaman

Enter the Shaman…… I started working with a woman Shaman regularly to tap into more of the unseen and peel back more layers of soul healing, growth, and consciousness. Through this work, I met some more incredible women teachers and mentors.

There’s the beautiful medical intuitive and former chemist who has a keen ability to connect to and take a wholistic body/spirit approach.She still keeps me in tune to my body signals, how emotions and trauma are connected to illness, and provides herbal tinctures and supplements. 

I also met a woman teacher and priestess who welcomed me into a group who dove deep into connection with nature based spiritual practices, and how that incorporates with my Christian upbringing. We studied together for a year and a day. I grew so much in that time as we thoughtfully and respectfully studied ancient practices, religions, and sacred circles. 

Eventually, an essential oil created by an amazing healer, would connect me to my Reiki master as she is an essential oil creatress. I learned, am certified, attuned, and currently practice Usui Reiki. 

Growth & Giving Back

Growth continued more as I took a spot beside the Shaman I’ve worked with, as her sidekick and apprentice in the intensive Shamanic apprenticeship course. This reminded me that everything we need has been created by God and at our fingertips for healing body. mind, and spirit.

All of this to say, these ancient modalities and experiences combined with my own work, is the foundation of my gifts to share with you! We all have that soul stuff, that energetic stuff, that holds us back. My “job” is to clear that out, help you shine your brightest, and connect you to your own divine strengths waiting to connect you to your highest self. It’s an honor to walk this path, radiate my brightest, carry the message of hope and healing, share ancient truths with you, with the purest intention. 

Let’s connect at my studio in the Old Federal Building in Downtown Hendersonville, there are lovely views of the town and the mountains, along with healing and welcoming energy. Open by appointment only.


Is this a religious practice?

Nope, it sure isn’t. While I study (but am no expert) ancient traditions (Native American, Ancient Catholicism, Celtic, Hindu, Greece, etc) and know all about the pantheon of religions;  I’m totally down with Jesus, other prophets, Saints, etc. This work is not rooted in any specific religion and you can have whatever beliefs you want/need. This is about your vibration, highest self, and deepest self love.