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When people think about Damian Sandone they often think of his fashion photography. After all, his billboards in time square are hard to forget. But Damian excels in other fields of photography that sometimes get overlooked.

Most people are not aware that Damian is a 3rd generation photographer and his father was known for creating beautifully styled food photographs. But there was a time when Damian’s father had to take a small hiatus from the world of photography and Damian stepped in to help. This is when he was able to refine his skills in food photography.

Food photography is a still life type of photography that is used to create photographs of food. It is mainly used as a specialization of commercial photography which can be used in everything from advertisements and menus to packaging or cookbooks.

Food photography

Food can make an excellent subject for still life photography, and you can achieve some incredibly artistic results. But great food photography is more than just taking a quick shot of what is on your dinner plate. As with other forms of photography, there are many technical requirements that must be followed to make the most of the stunning colors, textures, and shapes.

Professional food photographers work alongside food stylists to create stunning real-life images. They also need a creative and instinctual expertise in arranging food in an appetizing and appealing way.

This is where Damian Sandone Photography can help. With years of experience in food photography, Damian is able to capture the true essence of the food, leaving the viewer wanting more, and most importantly, wanting a taste!

Food Photography

If you are looking for a food photographer, look no further. With years of experience and an eye for detail, Damian Sandone can capture your food images beyond your expectations. Contact us today for a free consultation, and let us show you what we can deliver!


food photography



food photography







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